This is how i would like to begin my story ,like a fairy tale, for the child in me loves fairy tales as much as i love life:

Once upon a time there was a peacock that loved rains like all peacocks do. But this peacock lived in a dark green forest and rarely came out to welcome the day but when he did, the day became bright with colors of his dainty feathers. He called out to the floating rain clouds heavy with rain to wait for a while and watch him dance. And then, he would spread out his plumage so wide as though all the world’s splendor had been let loose. Even the dullest of landscapes would be transformed by those fleeting magic moments.

The peacock inspired me.

So, without a preamble, the Peacock became my muse and I, a blogger.

But, I am no peacock, and I have no splendor to offer except my thoughts and feelings , ideas and emotions, some times raw and uncooked, at times half- baked and served with a dash of blue, green, yellow, red, ochre, scarlet , purple, indigo….and black!

Welcome aboard Peacockbluetales!


All photographs posted on this blog (captioned as ‘Through My Photo Lens’) are this blogger’s modest attempts at photography.For the rest of the pictures accompanying my write-ups , i am indebted to the repertoire of Google Images.]


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