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This blog came into being , one chilly morning , on Jan 4, 2014, to be exact, with a desire to put together emotions , thoughts , ideas and feelings that are always in need to be expressed. Eight months and 633 hits later, I am here for a curtain call..with all my lovely folks at  ‘peacockbluetales’ who allowed me to write about them. No particular order has been followed to invite them here.. except for my Muse. So, here we go:

The Muse, the magnificent Peacock who made me a blogger…In gratitude, always..
Princess Yashodhara, the beautiful wife whom Prince Siddhartha abandoned to become Lord Buddha… i hope i could do justice to you.
Shyamli, the dark beauty who came straight out of my heart, your eyes are still silent pools of pain…
Mother, ravaged with age and illness, a universal figure of love.. when she is cared for in her sunset years, life takes a full circle…
Old Potter who is more of a Maker than an ordinary soul…
The gawky , bespectacled teenager who hated to love her father.. [Aside: My alter-ego!]
Little Price Charming, the apple of mother’s eye, who charmed his way into all mothers’ hearts including mine…
The elusive, mysterious, ‘She’ of my Memory Poems who longs to remain as elusive as ever…
One and only…with me forever.. in life and in death… Mountains never looked more beautiful…
The solitary seeker.. for whom search for truth was all..
Krishna and his gopis… the Divine Over soul, loved by all.
The ever smiling Circus Clown…My childhood favorite.. Who can see the ocean of poverty, sickness and misery behind his mask?
Lost-Nut-Squirrel.. she was honest, her fault…lost forever..
The little hope with feathers.. who lives within each one of us…
Last but not least, Baby Kuchikoo and her green lantern… she and her fairy tale made me a child once again…
And, my Home, which has never abandoned me, though i have.. quite a few times.. but each time i came back, it accepted me with grace and love..
We , at ‘peacockbluetales’, wish you all good things in life..Wish we were here for some more time but when the flow of ink dries up what else you can do !
Still we hope to be here once again…May be tomorrow, a week, a month, a year later with another set of stories. .. who knows?..

So long!


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