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When you plunged headlong
into the furious river in flood
how could you remain unscathed?
My son! You contemplated suicide of sorts!
The Master shook his head in consternation.

The disciple, battered with battling with elements,
was young and raw and restless,
still growing a fine line of mustache.
His youthful face betrayed a raw solemn energy,
an unquenchable thirst for knowledge,
an urgent quest for truth,
“How else could I come to you then?O Holy Sage!
No boatman was there to ferry me across,
I knew not how to face those furious waves
smothered was I by the river in spate.
I plunged and resurfaced for a breath or two
to search, to discover, and to know
the essence of life!

The Master in deep reflective mood, inquired:
“So this is what brings you here, my son!
All the way from the distant land?
“I have three questions to ask”, said the youth.
What is Life? What is Death?
What causes suffering?Tell me, O Sage! the Truth.
His eyes burnt bright with passion,
and emotions too deep to fathom!

Profound queries, my child, you seek answers to
unresolved questions with no fixed answers,
Sages and seekers of various hues and shades
arrived at their own conclusion,
but who could tell the essence of existence!
How can i enlighten you
when I am a seeker, too!
For years together i have mulled over them,
even rued over them, slept over them,
grown old with them, and will die with them.
The Sage was distraught, as he fought
with himself, with a mind that was seeking
In vain, like a candle half spent , still burning in pain!

Young man! In you i have discovered Life at its reckless best,
and a seeking spirit that is not tamed by Fire
In you i find an answer to Death
for you have transcended time and desire,
In you i see a stoic detachment to human suffering,
In you i have found answers that you sought from me,
In you i have found the Truth,
I have found all these answers in you!



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