The  little Prince Charming

peeped from behind the old pine tree,

and flashed a naughty smile at her,

( The tooth fairy had taken away the two front teeth!)

a tiny cleft on his delicate chin,

Her  hero! with the  loveliest eyes,

alive with so many hows  and whys!


With a burst of energy he  ran to her

where she sat knitting socks for him.

Oh no! he tripped and fell just then,

The gravel bruised his tender knees,

A dew drop clung to his eyes, raw with hurt,

And  as for the mother’s heart?

Her heart missed a beat to see him fall,

she held him tight in a warm hug

and showered sweet nothings on him.

(O! a mother’s touch, so loving a touch!)


Then evening came and the night was near

(Evenings and nights- the story time!)

he tiptoed into the magic world

of the little red bird lost in rain,

of the runaway steam engine that huffed and puffed,

of  a laughing ghost who cared not scared,

of  the black faced  monkey with  a rope like tail,

of  a little dappled fawn that hopped and skipped..

O!  A funny world of  funny tales!


Soon he slipped into a dreamless slumber,

And  a tiny smile touched his angel face.

And his mother? She , too , smiled

and touched her heart,

and asked for God’s loving grace!

















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