Long drives on summer afternoons on burning tarmac is not my idea of fun. Dusty landscape and dried up vegetation offer no solace. When  a few  goods truck passed me on the highway, I seized the opportunity to perk up my listless soul. Like a true seeking soul,  I looked around and finally managed to click a few writings and messages on the moving trucks:



Apparently, this one looked plain and simple  with nothing  interesting to boast of. On coming closer,  I realized , much to my amusement,  that in smaller print  between the more prominently displayed words,  it was written: “Hans mat Pagli, Pyar Ho Jayega” (Don’t make fun,  crazy girl, you will fall in love”) This looked pretty out of  context here but then what better than a small romantic interlude  for  parched and weary souls!

The next one came with a lot of embellishments. The owner had been quite lavish with this oil tanker painted in bright colors and carrying the image of a bird on its topmost part. To ward off the roaming evil eye, on the small board above the wheels,  it was printed: “Gyarah Ke Phoolon Ki Mala, Buri Nazar Wale Tera Munh Kala”( A garland of eleven flowers will ward off people with an evil eye)- eleven being an auspicious number!

10257350_10202148745586793_1470954422646998696_oFinally, the one i chanced to meet carried a very philosophical approach to life and living. Materialism was bane and not boon and we carried nothing with us on our last journey, the graffiti on the truck proclaimed. The words of wisdom were: “Soch kar Socho, Sath Kya Jayega”( Think and reflect what  will accompany you).What a thought, what philosophy!




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