O Shyamali!

O Shyamali!
Where are you?
The night wind howls and whistles
Creeps into the room
through cracks of time
and bristles!
O Shyamli!
Where are you?

The dim light throws up
shapeless shadows
on the wall
Silence deafens
at obvious signs
of your presence
bright bindis stuck on the glass pane
your saris waiting to be worn again
the gentle laughter, the cheerful smile
the whiff of perfume, your favorite,
i hold on to it for a while
Why do i hear your footfalls?
Does memory play hide and seek to all?
Ah! I am but a prisoner of memories!

O Shyamali!
Where are you?



Past Perfect

Do you remember still, Shyamali!

the house in the hills
we dreamt of?- Do you recall? How we saved
each and every penny to own this
beauty beside the old willow tree!
How we loved and longed each time we looked at it!

Shyamali! the stars are out tonight,
The old willow stands in pine scented silence.
Your house too waits here all forlorn.
What joy it was once to see the soft snow fall!
Your snow boots, the bright red scarf
and your jumbo coffee mug, I have kept them all.
I sometimes see the old wicker chair
rocking gently on its own. Does it mourn?

My days, my nights are numbered,
I wait and wilt in the mist of pain.
Forgiving and forgetting is an art, they say.
How insane!
Come Shyamali,let’s watch the setting sun
Together, one last time!




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