Song For Krishna



O Krishna!

The Dark-hued One!

A simple milk maid,

here i am,

with a mind

too small to fathom

the play of Divine and the Holy

and, a  heart that knows

what faith is and but not restraint.

Beyond me, my Lord, are all these.


For me , O Lord!

the windy, dusty lanes of Braj,

the wandering herds of cows,

newly calved and the old

that graze along River Yamuna,

and among them, You!

are my world.


Do I hold a grouse?

when you turn yourself into a thousand

for that celestial dance, the Raas,

with all fair maidens

smitten by you,

who see you with them

and within them

(How each thinks she is the Chosen One!)

leaving just a bit of you for me?


Do I feel cheated and defeated

or deprived of every precious moment

that I keep a count?

and you roam the country side

with no-good cowherd friends?

Armed with sweet innocence

and full of playful pranks,

You pack off ungodly beasts

and unholy demons

to the nether world ,

yet set free their soul

with your holy touch!


But tell me, My  Krishna!

Why my envy knows no bound

to see that uncouth reed, your flute!

or that petty peacock feather

holding close to you?

That pride of place,

I yearn for that!


Deliver me, O Lord,

from these poisoned darts

of anger and of jealously,

(You know the art!)

I have let my secret out!

Listen to my hopeless heart,

Make me that peacock feather!

Oh! Make me that golden reed!

Till then, I swear,

I will bear my anguish

but with a failing heart!

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