Two Voices



Siddhartha, the sakya prince
looked at his wife and the new born son
deep into a restful slumber
that a peaceful night begets
one last time..
Yashodhara’s disheveled attire
the gentle rise and fall of her breast,
the unruly lock of hair rests on
her achingly beautiful face!
His little son smiled in sleep
secure in mother’s warm bosom.
Ah, Innocence!
The sight of tiny infant tugged at his heart.
“Your mother will be all after i depart, my son!”
“O Yashodhara! The only love of my life!
A woman is a woman,
but now i see motherhood at its best,
Yet, my fortitude is out on test!”

His mouth felt dry, his heart missed a beat,
his steps wanted to retreat.
But alas! the pull of his soul
was greater, stronger , stranger!
And then,
he stepped silently into the night
lost into the deeper void
to search the meaning of life!


At the daybreak
when chirping birds
splashed ochre ,yellow and red on the sky,
Yashodhara tenderly
felt the bed he had slept in
No sign of him,
she got up with a start
and felt a chill making way into her heart
and running down her spine!

She trembled with fear
her eyes, moist with tears
So, the time had come
to renounce the worldly pleasures?
She relived those moments
she had treasured
She knew so well
who he was
and what his seeking heart desired.
Yet she felt betrayed
by the cruel fate and her heart craved
to see him, feel him, love him
one last time…

O Siddhartha! Love of my Life!
How could you go without
letting me know?
Did you ever think of my love, my desire?
Or the anguish that torments me now, the fire?
I wish you had the grace
to honor me ,
your wife of thirteen years
with at least a last embrace!
“Was i ever a fetter”, she sighed,
or a hindrance to your seeking soul?
How could that ever be?
But , alas! My loss is world’s gain.
It befits me now that
i must refrain from grieving.
With this, she stifled a sob,
and drowned the scathing pain
of hurt and abandonment
in the deeper recesses
of her heart!


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