An elderly gentleman in his 80’s was sitting and reading in the library.Suddenly his mobile phone rang breaking the silence of the reading room! Eyebrows rose, faces frowned, eyes looked up to nail the culprit. Oblivious of the annoyance he had inadvertently caused, he was speaking to someone, ( i overheard a female voice) telling her ( a daughter, a granddaughter maybe) that he would meet up with her at 4 in the evening at her office. A smile broke up on his tired looking face! But his sentence hung in the mid air as the ‘custodian’ of the library pounced on him for having broken the quiet and sanctity of the place.
“Don’t you know this is a library?” A bespectacled middle aged man , the librarian, gesticulated with a sweep of his hand at the people busy reading, writing, and researching, some even napping!
“Sorry , Sir!” The old man apologized nervously and abruptly cut off the communication.
Opening up the book once again, he stared at the page. I looked at him. His wavy grey hair had thinned out, his temples greyer and body frail, his face, an ocean of wrinkles, having weathered many summers and winters! And his responses slow. The old grey suit hung on him.
What a shame! Sitting in the next carrel, i was crestfallen, i was shocked . No longer able to continue with my work, i threw a friendly smile at him and whispered “Why don’t you finish the conversation you were having? Outside the reading room, may be!”
Hurt and humiliation resurfaced . He said, “But i have already switched off the phone.” In a second or two , he got up and left his seat fishing out his mobile phone from his pocket. That was the last i saw of him. Did he think i was an accomplice?

What if the librarian had been a little more gentle, a little less rude, a little more courteous, a little less blunt?images  old age
The world would have been so much lovelier !


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