Magic Moments

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Outside the window,

across the Lake,

the  ochre-red sun

turns the blue mountain gold,

the dappled sky,

lazes languorously for a while

and turns crisp blue .

A flock of mountain birds

floats  freely, dips and soars,

tracing graphic patterns

in the unblemished sky.

A pair of rhododendron trees, next door

bloom with ruby red flowers,

(How he loved the flowery rhododendron drink !)

On the winding dirt track little below

a lone mule trudges wearily

with cans of milk and bundles of greens,

led by a sleepy, scrawny  teenager

in over-sized coat and cap!

Behold ! The sky turns foggy, white vapory clouds,

like ethereal spirits, enter

unannounced through the open window.

Time for more cups of spiced tea

honey-sweetened ,


Such beauty, such bliss!

We dwell in the beauty of moment,

We sit in silence, sit in peace,

My house of magic moments,

perches on the edge of memory, still.

May this house live longer,

grow stronger!

Till i die!



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